2015 saw the first ever National Biltong Day, and South Africans across the country celebrated accordingly – with biltong! This year it’s happening again, with Sunday, 10 September giving you the excuse to over indulge in SA’s proudest cured meat, snack-creation.

In light of the exciting day taking place during Heritage Month, let’s take a look at a bit of the history behind biltong, and how you can make it yourself.


With the Khoisan people of Southern Africa first creating the process of preserving meat by cutting it into long strips and hanging it out to dry, The Dutch decided to use the same process and add vinegar, saltpetre and spices like pepper, coriander and cloves.

How it’s made

The process of creating this delicious, meaty snack is actually quite simple. It begins with marinating a prime piece of silverside or rump in a vinegar solution for about an hour or two. Then, pour off the marinade, and add a mix of rock salt, barbecue spice, whole coriander, ground black pepper and some brown sugar. If you like your biltong with a bite, add some chilli flavouring to your mix.

Once you’ve rubbed all the spices into the meat, let it sit for an hour longer, then hang it out for 3 to 5 days in a warm dry place – and eat!

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Nikki Louw

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