Most of us can’t go a day without a cup of good ‘ol java. But when the dreaded middle-of-the-month-money-drain hits, you’ll count your change just for a chance to get your daily caffeine fix. Not to worry, though, because South Africa’s first R10 coffee shop is here to save the day!

Located in Durbanville, Xpresso’s entire menu consists of R10 items (yes, we said all items!). These include freshly brewed coffee, fresh and yummy sandwiches, delicious pastries and sweet treats galore.

Take a look at the Xpresso menu below – 100% real and definitely not a drill:



Will you be heading over to Xpresso in Durbanville for your R10 coffee fix? Let us know on Twitter. 

Where Xpresso, 21 Wellington Road, Basol Building, Durbanville
Contact 021 286 0744, [email protected]

Photography Nolan Isaac/ 


Article written by

Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah Abrahams is a wandering wordsmith, journalist and Cape Town fashion blogger. She finds comfort in leather jackets, Harry Potter quotes and fiction novels. Fresh out of university, she looks forward to being a tourist in her own city.