A reported giant storm has been predicted to touch down in the Mother City next week. Up to 80mm of rainfall has been primed for areas around the drought-stricken city and surrounds.

Currently being monitored off the coast of Argentina, this weather pattern will bring along with it consistent downpours for a reported 24 hour period. We all know that the weather here in Cape Town generally tends to change at the drop of a hat, but one thing the weather apps and resources all can agree upon is that there’s definitely a big one coming next week.

Closer to now, there’s a smaller front currently making its way to our southern coastline from deep across the Atlantic. Predictions for tomorrow’s rainfall range from between 10mm in low-lying areas, and up to 30mm in the higher mountain regions.

To add excitement to the arrival of the much-needed precipitation on Tuesday, there appears to be a good chance of snowfalls in the outlying mountains.

Truth be told, the storm will somewhat alleviate, but certainly not  resolve the current water crisis. Dam levels are currently at 9.8% so it is imperative for citizens to still adhere to level 4 water restrictions.

Photography Unsplash

Article written by

Justin Williams

Justin Williams is a born-and-bred Capetonian with a flair for writing. His icons include the late South African authors Lawrence Green, Eric Rosenthal and T.V. Bulpin, literary figures who continuously inspire him to cover the avenues of lifestyle, travel and nature in a local context. When Justin's not covering a story, he can be found in the mountains - he's a renowned wild food forager and is currently learning herbalism.