Job seekers in the Mother City can look forward to free transport via the MyCiTi bus system, to enable them to “access opportunities easier”.

Mayor Patricia de Lille announced on Tuesday that the City of Cape Town has made a provision for up to R6.6 million to pay for and subsidize bus rides for unemployed people in the city. The move aims to mitigate the barrier of exorbitant travel costs that often prevents people from finding and looking for work.

This is “another contribution from the city to creating an enabling environment for economic growth”, said de Lille.

A source also added that it is “part of our manifesto commitment to residents, where we said we are going to give job seekers free access to transport”.

The subsidy is set to take effect from the end of September and will apply to commuters traveling during off-peak hours from 10 am to 3.30 pm. Residents can get a MyCiTi Connect card which will allow them to tap-in and tap-out of buses at no cost.


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