Let’s follow Adam Spires as he makes his way out of Cape Town in search of the Matroosberg snow.

Last week the towering Matroosberg mountain range received a hearty amount of snow. Temperatures plummeted as the Cape storm rolled in over the Western Cape, with hikers and reserve officials waking up to scenes of a pristine, white landscape all around.

The best of the snowfall occurred mid-to-late last week, and by the time most Capetonians had clocked out of work on Friday, the finest displays of powder on the outlying peaks had already begun to dissipate.

Our friend Adam Spires, intrepid explorer and entertaining vlogger, ventured north last Thursday in search of the snow. Those who were able to embark on a Matroosberg trip last week got lucky – a solid amount of snow had fallen the previous day, considerably more than a dusting.

Th cherry on top here is Adam’s drone footage of a snow-capped Matroosberg – a rare angle from which to behold this splendour.



Article written by

Justin Williams

Justin Williams is a born-and-bred Capetonian with a flair for writing. His icons include the late South African authors Lawrence Green, Eric Rosenthal and T.V. Bulpin, literary figures who continuously inspire him to cover the avenues of lifestyle, travel and nature in a local context. When Justin's not covering a story, he can be found in the mountains - he's a renowned wild food forager and is currently learning herbalism.