Let’s take it back to a simpler time: our childhood, when things were easier and we approached life with a carefree attitude. All you did was relax in your pyjamas during the school holiday and playe Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man until your eyes turned red and it was time for bed.

On the days when you weren’t allowed to game, the tantrums would start and the day felt incomplete. Luckily, 2Bop is giving us a chance to relive our fondest childhood memories.


2Bop is a South African clothing company that designs apparel with an aesthetic inspired by arcade games played at local corner shops. Their name is significant to the ’90s Apartheid era, where children from disadvantaged areas used 20-cent pieces (‘2 bop’) to play arcade games.

2Bop designs apparel with visual elements modelled on electronic entertainment, focusing mainly on game design and graphics from Japan and North America.

This awesome TV Games long-sleeved T-shirt reminds us of our younger days. Let’s stop ‘adulting’, laze in our pyjamas and have a game day. You’re never too old, right?

Cost R450

Get it at www.twobop.co.za

Article written by

Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah Abrahams is a wandering wordsmith, journalist and Cape Town fashion blogger. She finds comfort in leather jackets, Harry Potter quotes and fiction novels. Fresh out of university, she looks forward to being a tourist in her own city.