The walk from your car to the office seems like you’re trekking through a massive winter blizzard. You pull your paper-thin jacket tighter around your shoulders. Your mom’s voice rings through your head.

She says, ‘Take a thick jacket, it’s cold outside!’ You remember how you shrugged her words off, and now they sting, just like the ice-cold wind on your face.

Okay, I must admit that was a bit dramatic. You can beat the winter chill with Sitting Pretty.

sitting pretty

The brand was launched in 2009 and creates pretty, minimalist clothing items, suitable for everyday wear, including some bohemian influences in their look.

Its ethos prioritises protecting the environment, with ethical trading and sourcing natural environmentally friendly materials.

This Slash Neck poncho is perfect when you’re out and about in the cold weather. It has a three-quarter sleeve and it’s easy to slip on. The poncho is made from melton wool.

Cost R699

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Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah Abrahams is a wandering wordsmith, journalist and Cape Town fashion blogger. She finds comfort in leather jackets, Harry Potter quotes and fiction novels. Fresh out of university, she looks forward to being a tourist in her own city.