• A new record has been set in Cape Town. Chaeli Mycroft has ascended the summit of Lion’s Head – with a little help from her friends and supporters.

    Local ability activist and winner of the 2011 International Children’s Peace Prize, Chaeli Mycroft, was diagnosed with a rare form of cerebal palsy when she was just eleven months old. Now aged 22, Chaeli is a world-famous activist, consistently breaking stereotypes about her condition by showing the world that nothing can hinder an insatiable spirit despite physical disadvantage – in the past Chaeli has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, been ballroom dancing, participated in marathons and that’s just the beginning of it.

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    Then it was Cape Town’s turn. One day after Mandela Day 2017, Chaeli, with the help of Wannabe Vlogger Adam Spires and friends, reached the peak of Lion’s Head on a blustery July day. It is indeed a first for the city and another accolade for Chaeli and her campaign.

    We are thrilled that this was achieved, with Adam Spires releasing a video of the accomplishment for us to follow their journey up:




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    Justin Williams

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