If there is one thing South Africans are passionate about other than roasting meat over a fire, it’s changing the names of roads. In the latest proposed name change, part of the N1 from Cape Town will be named after FW De Klerk. Some will call this a waste of tax payer’s money, some will call it an exercise to help unify the nation by honouring notable figures from our country’s chequered history and some will even go as far as saying ‘Let’s just continue calling it the N1. What’s the difference really?’

I am all for bringing the nation together but perhaps, just maybe, we should first focus on allocating that budget to help our fellow city-dwellers in need of basic amenities such as adequate shelter. Then we can focus on changing road signs, maps, stationery and a whole lot more. My two cents – what are yours on the matter? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts. Read more about the N1 road name change here.

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