Cape Town has scored highly on the Siemens African Green City Index. According to

The Siemens report looks at 15 African cities that have committed to improving their environmental footprint and scores each city on factors such as land use, transport, waste, water, sanitation and air quality.

Cape Town was ‘well above average’ in the category of land use and was the top-performing African city in this regard. The report states: ‘Home to multiple nature reserves containing some of the world’s rarest plant species, Cape Town has the most green space in the index. The city boasts an estimated 289 square metres of green space per person, about four times the index average of 74 square metres.’ 

Read the full report here. Well done Cape Town!

If you’re using Uber you may want to take note of the current situation between the ride-sharing app and the City of Cape Town. Local traffic police have impounded 34 Uber vehicles since Saturday, because the service’s drivers don’t have the right permits to operate in the Western Cape. Perhaps a little more focus should be placed on the minibus taxis and their general reckless driving habits instead of a 21st-century innovation that is changing public transport as we know it? Read more about that here.

Saturday looks like it will be several shades of pandemonium – with a hint of tradition – in the city as the ANC hosts its 103rd birthday celebration as well as the minstrel carnival going full steam ahead. Pick out a vantage point and grab the popcorn.

Wishing you a super Wednesday!

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