Good morning Cape Town! It’s no longer the first day back at work. Normality ensues!

On the local gossip front, the dreaded ‘R’ word reared its ugly head, this time at a very upmarket hotel on the Atlantic Seaboard, where a complicated table booking error apparently misconstrued as a prejudiced attack turned into a social media frenzy – along with amused Joburgers watching from Twitter and taking potshots at Cape Town. It was quite a mess. Read more about that here.

This Saturday, the ANC will be hosting its 103rd birthday at Cape Town Stadium, where R2.2m has been paid upfront by the political party to use it. Right after that the President will take a walkabout through several impoverished areas of the Western Cape. To be honest I feel that the R2.2m would be better spent if channelled to said impoverished areas, but hey – turning 103 is apparently the big one. Cape Town was even labelled as ‘draconian’. Read more about that here.

On a lighter note, a previous Cape Town dump site has been permanently transformed into a 36-hectare nature reserve, housing more than 300 different plant species, of which 10 are threatened with extinction. Not bad for a ‘draconian’ city.


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