Buying new makeup is great, and so is supporting local businesses. So imagine if you could do both at the same time? Well, you can! Here are five fabulous South African makeup brands that rival international cosmetics houses and deserve all the love and support from their fellow countrywomen. We love them, and we know you will too. Happy shopping!

1. @swiitchbeauty

A brand that is totally slaying the local beauty game right now is SwiitchBeauty.


2. @khrome.kosmetics

Khrome Kosmetics is new on the scene and knows that we love a good glow.

3. @shadesofmink

Is it makeup? Is it skincare? It’s both! This innovative cream is the flagship product of local brand Mink, and they combined the powers of nature and science to create their Luminizing Pudding.

4. @connietransform

We love a local brand that not only delivers on their promise but exceeds it.

5. @reddotcosmetics

A local cosmetic company that deserves attention from our colorful nation is Red Dot Cosmetics. They are based in Cape Town and they are 100% local. The online cosmetics brand founded in 2020 offers a wide range of beauty products and prides itself on being ethically sound but still of a high standard. Red Dot knows that we are exposed to toxins daily and doesn’t want our makeup requirements to be on that list. Their cosmetics, which include everything from blush and foundation to lipsticks and eyeshadows, aim to make you look flawless the ‘natural’ way. Check them out here, they also just recently opened new departments for electronics, accessories, and many more, definitely an online shop to watch in 2020!


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