What would you have done with R10 000 when you were seven years old? This lucky kid from Cape Town now has to answer that question after he won the value on KFM’s Clicks R10 000 pop quiz.

KFM and Clicks run a competition every weekday where listeners can call in, partake in a pop quiz and stand the chance to win R10 000. Entrants have to answer a series of general knowledge questions within 60 seconds, and win R100 for every correct answer. If all questions are answered correctly, the grand prize of R10 000 is won. Izaan Matthews is now one of the youngest winners of this competition.

Earlier in the week, Izaan’s dad Shermann sent the KFM team a sweet message in which he explains that him and his son often do the quiz together, and it has become a bonding experience for the two of them. In a voice note Sherman sent the team, you can hear the father-and-son duo reenacting the quiz.

Credit: KFM

Darren recently had Shermann and Izaan on the show to participate in the competition.

Darren’s son Nate, who is also seven years old, acted as quizmaster. He fired questions like, “What colour is Batman’s suit?”, “Let it Go is a song from which Disney movie?” and “Spell ‘dog’ “.

Unaided, Izaan managed to win the entire R10 000.

With his winnings, Izaan told KFM that he would buy his family lots of Christmas gifts, like a robot and pony for his sister, perfume and roll-on for his mother, and a Spider Man toy for himself.

While explaining why his mother needs roll-on, he explained how his younger sister uses her deodorant to draw on the wall, and his mother constantly runs out as a result.

Image: Facebook / Shermann Matthews

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