Not a day goes by where I don’t rely on a strong cappuccino to carry me through the hours ahead, and when it comes to a good brew, bean or filtration system coffee lovers are in for a treat when visiting Coco Safar.

This Sea Point-based wonderland of coffee and unique pastries is a true treat for visitors with a sweet tooth or the need for a strong pick-me-up.

The dark wood finishes highlighted by gold detailing and bright green velvet upholstery beckon to you as you stroll along the busy seaside streets.

The deliciously decadent coffee served at Coco Safar is roasted and carefully hand selected by the experienced in-house coffee connoisseur, Mark Austin.

Austin ensures a new roast is brewed each month, keeping returning customers on their toes and allowing them to taste a variety indulgent flavours.

Coco Safar opened my eyes to the intricate steps and attention to detail involved in making each and every cup of coffee served to their guests. Each batch is meticulously roasted in the only roasting machine of its kind in South Africa.

From the beans that are chosen to the small changes that happen as the heat increases, going from a light green colour with very little fragrance to the warm coffee bean with the familiar smell we know and love.

Not only does the café offer some of the most pleasing caffeinated creations in the Mother City, but also some of the most unique.

Their in-house Rooibos bar serves cold brewed citrus coffee, that is the perfect replacement for unhealthy energy drinks, packed with energy boosting caffeine and a one-of-a-kind zesty flavour I have never come across before.

At the end of my visit, I had my last cappuccino. I leaned in for my first sip and the rich smell wafted its way into my soul as the lush flavours seemed to encouraged me for the day ahead as if to say, “you can do it”. The lemon and poppy seed madeleine served on the side complimented the full-bodied cappuccino to a T.

As I made my way onto the bright Sea Point streets, I felt energized and satisfied, already thinking about when I would make my way back for another delightful tasting.


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