The Adderly Street fountain which has been out of commission out for years has once again been switched on.

Executive Mayor Dan Plato, along with Ward 115 Councillor Dave Bryant and city officials involved in the rehabilitation project, switched on the refurbished fountain.

“The Adderley Street Fountain is an iconic feature in the Cape Town CB, which is well-known and loved by Capetonians and visitors to our beautiful city.

“After a lengthy period of not being in use, we are pleased to once again see it being enjoyed. I am thankful to the officials who have worked to restore this landmark within the CBD. This fountain should serve as a reminder to everyone of what can be achieved when we work together to overcome hardships,” said Executive Mayor Dan Plato in a statement.

The Adderley Street fountain officially reopened on Thursday [July 23]. The fountain was closed three years ago as a measure to save water during the drought. As a result, the fountain required some upkeep. After a year of refurbishments, the fountain has once again been restored to its former glory.

“A long-term goal is being developed to make the fountain sustainable through the use of an underground spring water source. Currently potable water has been used to refill the fountain, which is recirculated through its pump system and in due course we intend to replace this with water from the underground springs.

“The Cape Town CBD prides itself on being the number one CBD in the country and with the current economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 restrictions, we must do all we can to make the CBD as attractive as possible for all stakeholders. I’m very proud to have motivated for these repairs via a motion I submitted last year,” said Ward Councillor, Dave Bryant.

Many lessons have been learned from avoiding Day Zero. The reopening of this feature is a symbol of overcoming the worst of the drought, but we must continue with our newly-formed water-wise habits.

In the same way that four-million Capetonians collectively came together and beat the drought, we need that same spirit of community through the wearing of masks, washing one’s hands regularly and practicing social distancing, to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Images: City of Cape Town

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