The much-loved Cape Town ‘adventure dog’, Stout the Legend, has brought happiness to many hearts with his peaceful nature and eagerness to act as an official adventure guide, taking locals and tourists on exciting excursions around the city. Recently, however, the intrepid Belgian Malinois has been suffering from a mysterious disease.

Over the last three months, Stout has visited a number of vets and undergone everything from blood tests, scans and x-rays to even an operation to try and determine the disease plaguing him, to no avail.

As Stout’s medical bills pile up with no diagnosis in sight and no proper treatment, his owner, Doug Turvey, is appealling to locals to help him save his furry friend and find a vet who can give him a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

The adventure dog is something of a local hero and has been part of community work in Cape Town and Johannesburg to educate children on looking after on animals as well as helping nature-lovers navigate beautiful places.

Stout also loves befriending other animals and has eagerly accepted a number of foster kittens and puppies into his home.

This exceptionally good boy has also acted as a champion to orphaned children in Hillbrow and elderly people at The Waterfall Retirement Estate, who call him the Gentleman Dog because of his habit of letting elderly ladies through doors first and his gentle walking nature while on a leash.

Stout actively participates in mountain and beach cleanups, eagerly collecting litter from hard-to-reach places and bringing it back to his owner with great excitement. He is even an avid giant jenga players and grasped the concept of the game in just a few minutes.

He is an active member of the FBC running Club and is well-known for his stellar finishes and running prowess.

Many of his family and breed work in the rhino protection units in the Kruger National Park and at Madikwe Game Reserve, and he has spent time as a guide with guests on their bush-walks, runs and mountain-bike adventures.

Stout is beyond bright with a level of understanding and empathy that many people are amazed by, attracting friends and followers around the world.

For once, Stout needs help from others and his concerned owner is asking anyone who is a fan of Stout to help in the fight to get him back in good health.

You can visit Stout’s BackABuddy site here and give any amount you can to help him in his journey back to health, he is only 7 years old and his loved ones are hoping to have him back to his usual self as soon as possible so he can go on with his passion of helping people and having adventures.

In the event of a speedy recovery or worse-case scenario, any remaining funds will be donated to The Green Dogs Charity. T

Pictures: Facebook/Stoutlegend

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