Two angulate tortoises were rescued by the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS). One had been partially crushed by a car and the other badly mauled by a dog.

“Five days after admission the tortoise that was run over by a car was deemed fit and healthy enough to be released onto Diemersfontein Wine and Country Estate in Wellington, that has a large and viable resident population of rescued angulate, leopard and endangered geometric tortoises,” AWS wrote in a Facebook post.
Despite losing a large chunk of one of his front legs (that healed well) the tough little patient named Donatello showed no signs of his disability moments after being let loose and began enthusiastically exploring his new, idyllic surroundings.
Donatello will soon be joined by his hospital companion named Leonardo, who is also making remarkable progress after being mauled by a dog.
Picture: Supplied/AWS Facebook

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Lucinda Dordley

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