The renowned and luxurious safari resort, Aquila Private Game Reserve has acquired the near-by Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve as of 16 August 2018. New developments are planned to improve the quality and experience of the game reserve.

Aquila Private Game Reserve is a four-star accommodation, founded in 1994 and is located just 2 hours out Cape Town. The reserve offers a premier safari service and facilities.

As a national park and reserve, it has received numerous local and international awards, such as service excellence and conservation.

Inverdoon Game Reserve additions 

The Inverdoon Game Reserve has recently implemented a luxury ‘Kuganha’ tented camp that offers guests an authentic outdoor African experience.  Guests are able to enjoy a personalized service as they relax in he comfort of their own tent in the calming setting of the African wild.

With their motivation and knowledge Aquila Private Game Reserve will play a hand in adding to the Inverdoon Game Reserve and hope to establish a five-star safari facility.

Inverdoon has been established over 21 years ago and is has a solid presence in the industry of safari and tourism. It is located a mere two hours and 30 minutes out of Cape Town.

Owner of the Aquila Collection, Searl Derman explains that both reserves offer a unique experience for travellers and locals alike.

“The reserves offer very different safari experiences”, he said

Both reserves provide a backdrop of natural beauty, with towering mountains, valleys and rivers – the Aquila Private Game Reserve and Inverdoon Game reserve is a safai lovers dream escape.

Aquila Game Reserve currently offers a first class experience of the big-five safari, with its thriving and widely open lands and surplus of animal species. The innovative safari experience includes a walk-about whilst horse riding through the wild terrain along with an up-close and personal experience with wildlife.

Aquila Private Game Reserve

Derman explained that both reserves would increase their services in providing a big-5 safari experience.

“Both game reserves have a great variety of big 5 and wildlife which within the next month will be further reinforced with new genetics, numbers and species” Derman explained.

During the merger, both reserves will continue to carry on with daily business as usual.

Conservation programs will be enhanced as a result of the recent developments.

“Inverdoorns conservation efforts will experience a change in policy and will benefit from Aquila’s award-­winning infrastructure, management and accomplishments,”  Derman said. 

With the developments set in motion, safari-goers can expect a quality of excellence and innovation to spill over from the existing Aquila Private Game Reserve into the Inverdoon Game Reserve.


Pictures: Aquila Private Game Reserve/Facebook

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