A local baboon enjoyed a feast of feasts at Jonkerhuis restaurant this past Saturday. The animal  helped himself to two bowls of pasta and garlic bread at the crowded eatery.

A video captured by Jamie Pyatt shows the baboon stroll up to a table at the popular Groot Constantia vineyard restaurant, as customers had apparently just received their meal. The diners quickly retreat to safety, leaving the baboon to enjoy a free meal.

He seemingly blends in with the crowd, making himself comfortable at the table while calmly digging in to the Italian spread, as customers look on in confused amusement. One bowl of what appears to be spaghetti carbonara down, the baboon helps himself to yet another serving. He finishes off his carbo-loading meal with some garlic bread, which he enjoys while standing on top of the table.

Gepostet von Jamie Pyatt am Samstag, 7. September 2019

Pyatt shared the video on the ‘Hout Bay Complete’ Facebook page, captioning it, “For those who have dined at Jonkershuis Restaurant at Groot Constantia here is a baboon acting just like a human and sitting perfectly mannered at a table and eating a spaghetti bolognese – or should that be spaghgetti baboonaise or spaghetti carbaboonara! The locals don’t seem too put out by the pasta eating primate either. The waitress was upset though as she wasn’t gibbon a tip when he left….”

Following his meal, the baboon wanders off back to the mountains, probably for a post-meal nap.

Picture: Jamie Pyatt

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