It seems humans are not the only ones taking advantage of the gentle Summer weather in the Mother City. A family of baboons were spotted lounging on a trail in Constantia Nek, with even more baboons close behind.

Cape Town local Stephen Jms of Stephen Williams shared a video to Facebook of his morning hike in Constantia Nek, where he came across over a dozen baboons. Stephen counted about 14 baboons having a chill session on the trail.

In his video, a family of baboons can be seen cleaning and cuddling up to each other. As Stephen pans out, two more baboons, an adult and a baby, can be seen in the background.

Watch the video here:

Baboons are generally non-confrontational animals, however, they are socialised to humans and can be opportunistic if they spot food.

If you encounter baboons while hiking, make sure to:

– Remain calm and stand up straight to display confidence

– Avoid walking through a troop but rather around them or wait for them to leave before proceeding

– Avoid making loud sudden noises like clapping your hands

– Avoid smiling or showing teeth, Some male baboons may consider this a sign of aggression

– Get rid of any food you may have in your hand

– If baboons join your picnic it is best to just pack up and leave

– Avoid feeding them, taking anything from them and antagonising them

Picture: Screenshot from video

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