Although Bouchard Finlayson is one of the South Africa’s premier vineyards, the area is still very much considered a ‘best kept’ secret. Hidden amongst the rolling hills of the Hemel-En-Aarde Valley of Hermanus, it may also be one of the country’s most picturesque wine farms.

Bouchard Finlayson’s vineyards are picturesque.

Owned by the Tollman family, Bouchard Finlayson produces only the very best quality grapes, and thus wines. Its wines are some of the very finest in the country, and have also recently walked away with critical acclaim at the South African Wine Index (SAWi) awards as one of Top 5 Red Wine producers and Top 10 Wine Producers overall in South Africa for 2018.

The drought that hit the Western Cape not only impacted commercial farmers negatively, but vineyards too. Peter Finlayson, founder of Bouchard Finlayson, explained that this year’s harvest should once again produce fine wines, albeit from much smaller crops.

Sitting down at the sweeping dining room table of the Homestead was a sight to behold. This elegant colonial-era house sits atop a hill that overlooks the beautiful Hemel-En-Aarde Valley, making it the perfect place to enjoy some of the vineyard’s beautiful wines.

Bouchard Finlayson’s Homestead offers a perfect view of the Hemel-En-Aarde Valley.

A standout wine I must recommend that each person try at least once is the Bouchard Finlayson 2016 Galpin Peak Pinot Noir. This wine is beautifully balanced yet robust, and leaves you smacking your lips for more. The wine has received global acclaim in the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018, not only taking a Gold medal, but also winning Trophies as Best SA Pinor Noir, as well as Best SA Red.

Bouchard Finlayson’s Galpin Peak Pinot Noir is a must-try!

This beautiful vineyard is one of the country’s most esteemed Pinot Noir producers, a wine that has recently picked up in popularity, and was also the first vineyard in the country to produce this specific varietal.

This family-owned vineyard has more on offer than just its renowned Galpin Peak Pinot Noir – it is esteemed as being an award-winning vineyard.

Take the time to walk around this breath-taking vineyard – the beauty of the Cape is all around, and all you need to do is discover it.

Pictures: Supplied/Bouchard Finlayson

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