It’s not just Cape Town’s culinary scene or ice cream that is the best in the world – our local pets are also outshining others from across the globe.

At the annual International Boerboel Show and Expo held in Parys, Free State this month, a dog from Mitchells Plain took brought home top honours as International Boerboel of the Year.

Named Busby Adam, the towering canine competed for the title against 333 other dogs, and emerged victorious.

Adam weights nearly 90kg and won the International Senior Champion 2019 and the International Grand Champion 2019 to qualify for the event.

His owner, Lloyd de Villiers, 38, beamed with pride as his best furry friend was awarded top honours after his stellar performance.

De Villiers is a breeder of boerboels and explained that the competition this year was tough with judges considering each dog’s standard, weight, muscle tone, shape of ears, quality and health of coat, jawline, height, discipline and general appearance.

Owner and dog, side-by-side.

Although he has an intimidating appearance, Adam is reportedly a friendly dog who loves children and enjoys attention and interaction.

On a daily basis, Adam is fed 1.5kg of raw chicken, steak and mince to keep his muscle tone and coat glossy on par, de Villiers told the DailyVoice.

De Villiers is the first coloured breeder to win the title and worked hard to achieve his goal.

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