It’s winter in South Africa and ending the day with a nice hot bath is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Apparently not only humans believe this – a giant Cape Cobra enjoyed the very same experience in Worcester last week.

Snake catcher André du Preez of Silverfox Snake Rescues shared on their Instagram page that they recently rescued a Cape Cobra almost 1.8-metres in length. The snake was found inside a pipe at a construction site, according to Times Live. When du Preez got the call, he jumped on his bike as his car was in for repairs, rescued the snake and drove all the way home with the cobra in his backpack.

In his Facebook post, du Preez explains that the Cape cobra was “incredibly cold” so he took it home and drew a lukewam bath to heat it up.

WATCH the snake’s bathtime adventures here:


Hiers die video van bad sessie.

Ou was taamlik vol modder.

Sy tande ook mooi geborsel en gevlos.

Posted by Silverfox Snake Rescues on Wednesday, 15 July 2020

It’s common for snakes to hibernate in Worcester during the colder months, so this discovery is nothing new du Preez told Times Live. These snakes often enter dirty homes, as they attract rodents and pests they can feed on. He typically gets about 300 callouts to catch snakes within a six month period.

He says he will keep the snake with him through the cold winter months until she has had her first meal and is healthy enough to be released on a nearby farm. He offers snake awareness training with the farm workers to ensure it’s a safe solution for everyone. These snakes are beneficial to farmers as they aid in pest control.

Du Preez rescues snakes as a part of community service, and runs solely on donations. If you would like to support him, contact [email protected]

Picture: Facebook / Silverfox Snake Rescues

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