Cape Town-born Daniel Popper is sharing the talent of the mother City with people all around the world, as he creates amazing giant works of art that look mysteriously god-like.

Popper is a multidisciplinary artists known all over the globe for his larger-than-life sculptures and stunning public art installations. He specialises in interactive art, public art, stage design, installation art and interior design.

One of Popper’s sculptures in Mexico.

He is most recognised for his huge public art installations that form the central point of large-scale music festivals from the USA to Portugal.

Another unique piece of work by Daniel Popper.

Many of his works are also done in collaboration with other artists, technicians and artisans to add or incorporate music, LED lighting or projection mapping to take the piece to the next level.

Popper’s pieces have been featured both as permanent public installations or as ephemeral pieces to be removed after events.

“Emergence” a piece done by Popper for a recent festival.

His works bring together unique techniques to create other-worldly beings that encompass nature, love or specific emotions inspired by the theme of festivals or the spaces they are created for.

Another work by Popper.

Popper has also been commissioned to create a variety of unique installations for brands across the globe and his work is becoming more and more popular.

This piece, titled “reflections” was built in 2013 for Afrikaburn.

We can’t help but look at his creations with pride as his amazing works of art touch the hearts of people all around the world.


Pictures: Facebook/Daniel Popper

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