Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is delighted to present the third SWISS Culinary Innovation Award to one of the world’s iconic chefs, featured in the 2020 JHP Gourmet Guide.

Innovation involves a deliberate application of information, imagination and initiative in driving value from resources and includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. Innovation arises when ideas are applied to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.

This year, the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award was presented to Peter Tempelhoff of Cape Town-based restaurant, FYN.

Take a peak inside Fyn Restaurant here:

Dr. André Schulz, General Manager for Lufthansa Group, Southern Africa says, “The Culinary Innovation Award is an opportunity for SWISS to support South Africa’s top chefs by showcasing their work, encouraging even greater culinary innovations and rewarding them for their outstanding work with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We congratulate Peter for an outstanding presentation and as the most innovative chef, he, along with a partner, will fly SWISS Business Class to Europe to continue being inspired and explore new culinary experiences.”


The SWISS Culinary Innovation Award is truly an extension of SWISS’ well regarded and elegant service offering. It focuses on highlighting fine dining that elevates the customer experience with creativity, effort, efficiency, passion, accuracy, precision and sustainability. SWISS prides itself on these key elements to create a memorable and lasting experience for the traveller.

The following elements are considered for this award, all culminating in an overall innovative dining experience:

1.    CREATIVITY: Gastronomic concepts bringing top cuisine to life. Industry professionals create menus with creative specialities using products that are cultivated, inspired and produced in the art of food-making.

2.    EFFORT: SWISS expresses its special service with unique touches, and there is no doubt that the overall visual effect of food should elicit a range of responses. With a little tweaking, the effort evident in the dish should successively redefine and elevate an ancient, classic and contemporary gastronomy. 

3.    EFFICIENCY: Is the food execution backed by safety and efficiency? The process behind the creation of the dishes is one of the most important aspects.

4.    PASSION: The execution should be sophisticated enough to showcase a passion for food. The way the ingredients are combined to deliver innovative results, and showcase the true passion that lies behind the cuisine and creation of it.

5.    ACCURACY: Forging gastronomy to new boundaries with a strikingly accurate approach. The food conceptualisation is to surpass conventional food artistry, blurring the borders of ultra-modern culinary and art.

6.    PRECISION: Whether it’s the precision of executing a boiled egg in the evening or a cutlet and French fries in the morning – knowing the right dish to satisfy the client’s taste goes a long way. Crowning the gourmet execution with a fine precision of charm is of underlying importance.

7.    SUSTAINABILITY: While food sophistication and innovation are key to this award, demonstrating the knowledge and successful contribution to the widespread adoption of local food practices is appraised.


2020 will see the JHP Gourmet Guide awarding one, two and three plates to 36 restaurants.

One plate: excellent cuisine.

Two plates: exceptional dining that demands a detour.

Three plates: world-class destination dining worthy of a flight.

Plates are awarded to restaurants, not chefs, and new restaurants are never elevated to three plates initially, as ongoing consistency is a key criteria.

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