Winter in the Cape is in full swing. With two seemingly back-to-back cold fronts, the province has been pummeled with heavy rain, strong winds and high seas.

The City of Cape Town has released the weekly and daily dam levels, revealing that the rain has benefited levels.

“The dams in and around Cape Town form part of the Western Cape Water Supply System, which is an integrated and collectively managed system of dams, pump stations, pipelines, and tunnels. In addition to servicing Cape Town, the system supplies water to towns in the Overberg, Boland, West Coast, and Swartland areas, and provides irrigation water for agriculture,” said the city on a statement.

Dams are at 72.7%, with the fullest being Steenbras Upper and Berg River. According to the City, dam levels have increased by 9.2% this past week.

The dams have gone up by 9.2% in total since last week. Image: City of Cape Town
The dams are sitting at 72.7% as of July 13. Image: City of Cape Town

Dam levels are likely to increase even further this week. South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a severe weather warning for the current cold front.

Read the full water report here: dam levels 13 July

Image: Unsplash

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Imogen Searra