Food magazine Chef’s Pencil has named Cape Town as the world’s most underrated foodie destination.

For many food-lovers, their next meal is key when planning an international vacation. Certain countries tend to top the list when one thinks of travelling for a food-based experience.

“Think top foodie destination and it’s likely Italy, France, China and Japan will also be up there somewhere at the top. These most popular top spots attract foodie travelers from across the globe. But there are plenty of incredible foodie destinations that just don’t get the exposure they truly deserve,” writes the magazine.

To find out the places that don’t get enough recognition, they interviewed 250 chefs and foodies about where they thought was the most underrated destination for foodies, and put together a list based on their responses. Cape Town came out in the top spot in the city rankings.

“It is the premier South African city for food, catering for every taste and style – haute cuisine, street food to die for, eclectic pop-ups. There’s the crowded and bustling Waterfront for everything from quick to chic, the V & A Food Court for everything food and drink, and a whole city sprinkled with great food experiences to explore,” the magazine reads.

“Being a port city and sitting on the Dutch East India’s Spice Route, its food has been flavored by spices and cuisines from around the world – the true Mother City of the Rainbow Nation.

Top spots like The Potluck Club, The Test Kitchen and La Colombe were mentioned for their fine dining offers.

“Fine dining is vibrant and busy and needs booking in advance – especially the more popular spots like The Potluck Club, The Test Kitchen and La Colombe, these last two regularly making the world’s top restaurant list,” reads the list.


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“With its fabulous climate, Cape Town dining often spills onto the sidewalks, meaning it has weathered the pandemic storm. A whole host of new restaurants opened this year, making this an underrated destination deserving of rediscovery,” it concludes.

Other cities on the list include Budapest, Chicago, Melbourne, Mexico City, San Sebastian, Bergen, Hong Kong, Montreal and Napoli.

While Cape Town took this spot, it didn’t mean South Africa as a whole ranks for food. The most underrated foodie destination countries, according to the magazine, are the Phillipines, Vietnam, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand, Peru, Australia, Jamaica, Portugal and Norway.

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