So what is happening with Cape Town Pride 2021?

“This is a question that has been floating around every corner of Cape Town since COVID raised its ugly head,” said Cape Town Pride via its official Facebook page. “Pride communities worldwide have had to change and mould to a new reality that is a pandemic world. Cape Town Pride was lucky to be one of the last Prides, worldwide, to happen in 2020 – and we are grateful that our vibrant community got to shine as a beacon of hope for the rest of the World.”

So back to the question – is Cape Town Pride 2021 going to happen? The simple answer is “yes”.

So here are some things that you need to know:

– the traditional dates of Cape Town Pride have moved from February 2021 to March 2021, but dates are yet to be confirmed

– Cape Town Pride is still going to lead up to the main Festival day with community-based events

– All events are going to either be live-streamed or packaged after the event for viewing for those members of the public that are at risk

– Cape Town Pride is working closely with the City of Cape Town to make sure all regulations are followed and that everyone is going to be kept safe

“We are adding a Pride Market Day and, hopefully, a couple of Pride Drive-In Movie Nights plus a socially distanced awards dinner and inaugural fashion week,” the event said. “With this in mind we’ve decide to label this Pride season – Cape Town Pride 2021+ with the theme: #YouMatter The PLUS means that you’re going to get your normal Cape Town Pride with added extras to make sure that we can all participate in a safe and fabulous environment.”

“Our theme is one that came from many different angles. One thing that we got emailed/DM’d and WhatsApp’d was that people felt alone during the lockdown. They felt forgotten. They felt lost. To that end, our volunteers are Cape Town Pride and OUTReach Africa started an internal project called #YouMatter where we would reach out to these beautiful souls to converse and try to keep them motivated during these trying times.

“What really drove the Theme for Cape Town Pride 2021+ home was when one of our regular and amazing performers – Latheem Gabriel – mentioned the exact same phrase in one of his comments on one of Social Media posts reminding someone that “YOU MATTER”. And thus the theme for Cape Town Pride 2021+ was born,” Cape Town Pride added.

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