The Mother City has been placed on an international list of cities that are world leaders of environmental change and awareness, and is the only South African city to have been recognised.

The first ever A-List of top climate cities has officially ranked 43 cities as the world’s global climate leaders, the list was compiled by international non-profit organisation CDP as part of the EU Green Week.

Roughly 596 cities across the world were given a score between A and D based on their environmental performance, of those cities 24 are located in North America and nine in Europe.

Speaking to Cities Today, Kyra Appleby, Global Director of Cities, States and Regions at CDP, explained that “cities which score an A are taking ambitious actions to reduce their emissions and tackle climate-related risks.”

Cities mentioned on the list are those that are actively attempting to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, adapt to climate risks and manage water resources. These cities are leading the low-carbon transition while safeguarding their residents and ensuring they remain prosperous places to live and work.

Hundreds of cities report their climate data through CDP’s environmental disclosure platform every year. Many are members of C40 Cities, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate, and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

Here are the first 10 cities listed:

Cape Town has happily achieved an A-class rating showing how hard our locals and city are working towards a better environmental future one step at a time.

See full list here.

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