Day two of South Africa’s 21-day nationwide lockdown is almost over, and throughout the country people are adjusting to the new way of life.

Even though we’re stuck inside, that doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Yesterday we asked you, our readers, to share the views outside your window.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Pool party time with all the mates. Picture: Lorn Reynders
Hout Bay showing off. Credit: Tania Brüssow
See the beauty of Sea Point. Credit: Natalie Vos
The poetic power of plants. Credit: Nina Carr
Sky Fall (in love) Credit: Nelis Nolte
The perfect ombré. Credit: Christo Erasmus
A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night. Credit: Alveda Erasmus

Keep sharing your images with us on our Facebook page and we’ll post them here on our site.

Let’s stay home and stay together to do our part to help curb the coronavirus spread. It starts with us!

Feature image: Facebook / Nelis Nolte

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