Day 27 of lockdown is here and the Mother City is looking as beautiful as ever. The President addressed the nation yesterday evening [April 21] and more financial aid will now be available for those in need.

While few things have affected our nation as much as the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown, South Africans have proven that they are a rare breed capable of loving and caring for one another even while struggling to survive.

Across the country people have opened their hearts to one another, whether its in the form of food support, mask making or encouragement for those who need it.

We aren’t a perfect nation but we are a compassionate one and while you’re spending your 27th day in isolation and the rest of the days to come, remember to love those around you and appreciate the love you receive.

While you do so here’s a few pictures from around Cape Town that we’re sure you’ll love too:


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From clouds to sun & back again, ups & downs. Trying to plan a future is near impossible but life goes forward but at the same time there is a sense of waiting… it’s all difficult to put in words. We all have our unique experiences we may never be able to put in words. Family feels really far away & I am thankful for digital devices that can bring us closer. For now enjoy the views & a community here. It’s nice to laugh often as it makes life feel more normal. Eating meals together is food for the soul. What are you finding most helpful during this time? . . . #stayathome #lockdownday27 #capetown #lockdownsa #capetownsouthafrica #togetherwecan #strongertogether #southafrica 🇿🇦

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#wokeup #earlymornings #woodstock #capetownsouthafrica

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NEW NORMAL. See this quiet moment as the eve of your new normal. _ What’s the one thing you’ve been doing during quarantine which makes you happy, proud of yourself or has you completely at peace? _ Whatever that good thing is, keep it with you when you emerge after lockdown. Make that warm and fuzzy feeling your new normal. _ During lockdown, I started a daily yoga practise again, after an 8 month absence. I also learned to bake, I painted my patio pots, replanted a section of my garden, filed photos, cleaned up my Mac and phone, decluttered our wardrobes … the list is endless. I had the time because I stuck to my prescribed office hours, limited myself to 2 hours of TV a day and didn’t go out for coffee every day. _ I’m incredibly lenient on myself so, if I can break bad habits and keep a routine, trust me, you can as well _ What yummy things will become your new normal? Oh PS: the baked goods became the eaten goods. *yikes* 🙈😆My baggy boyfriend jeans are now skinny jeans and I’m using that term loosely. 🤣 _ #lockdown #lockdownsouthafrica #sunsets #sunset #newnormal #capetown #capetownlockdown #capetownsouthafrica #oudekraal #12apostles #visitcapetown #cometocapetown #visitsouthafrica #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #photooftheday #picoftheday #skyporn #wanderlust #ocean #oceanview

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Good morning world 🌔 #nofilter #earlymorning #tablemountain #capetownsouthafrica #lockdown2020 #beautifulday

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View of Muizemburg beach at night

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Table mountain and all its glory from @thesilohotel_ #windowview #barview #tablemountain #capetownsouthafrica

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