As day five of the national lockdown just about passes us by, we see that while many are stir crazy we are all finding things to do to keep us going. Capetonians are basking in the glory of the stunning sunrise, dreaming of the ocean, and passing time with work and workouts.

Another day indoors may mean you can’t breathe in the fresh ocean air, but it doesn’t mean you can’t behold the beauty of our Mother City. If you’re looking for another distraction for now, here are some sights from the around the city to ease your longing for the outside:

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When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger …. Running is probably one of my least favourite activities, especially road running 🤦🏼‍♂️ Trail running is another story though 😍 But in this period of lockdown, we can't head to the nearest mountain😩 My friend's then shared the @aonijierunsa #CoRuNnathon #RunSA Challenge with me…..I thought, why not, it's only 2km's a day 🤷🏻‍♂️ The 1st day was tough going into hamster mode around the pool ALL THE TIME, so I understand when people say it's boring 🙄 The 2nd day was a bit different…. Doing strength training and different core/ab exercises got me more intune with my body. Here's a few things I paid attention to: 🔹My posture, especially when tired. Remind yourself, shoulders back and down, chest out to be more relaxed 🔹My stride….how I strike the ground, how to push off to speed up and slow down 🔹 Try to vary with which side you turn in a small space…..for example if you are dominant on the right side, alternate every now and then turning with the left side, as your knees and ankles may feel load of sticking to same side…same would be for climbing stairs. 🔹If you have calve problems, stretch them thoroughly, as with short distances like this you rarely get a chance to lift your legs to get a full stride to pick up a good pace and run….it's jog so you calves will take alot of strain. 🔹 Have fun with it! Throw in some side shuffles and sprints, so it adds to your running conditioning as well 💪🏼 I know many may be overwhelmed/irritated by these fitness challenges during #Lockdown but it's something this community would have done anyway, lockdown or not, to connect with their "tribe" to remain fit and healthy If you bake/garden/knit etc and have fellow human beings enjoying each other's company during this time as a means to touch base with each other, then keep going and remain mentally strong 👊🏼 If you choose to not do anything and just be happy with chilling, exercising your scrolling thumb, then that's fine too…..there's no need for bashing others for what they choose to do. Don't be Kak…..there's enough out there…be lekker 😉 Stay safe, stay strong 👊🏼

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