Cape Town’s very own, Amber Fillary has made world news breaking a record for the furthest free diving distance in freezing waters all the way in Norway.

While Fillary struggles with depression herself, she decided to take to the freezing waters not just to break a World Record but also to raise awareness for those suffering with mental illness.

This was Amber’s second record attempt, having taken to the water back in 2019 in Finland. The record was originally held by Johanna Nordblat who managed to dive 50 meters in 2 °C water while wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Even though Fillary’s first attempt failed due to getting tangled in cables on the day of the attempt, she refused to give up and decided to give it another try.

So in 2020, she decided to reach for her goal once more, wearing a proudly South African flag bikini and swimming cap she took to the icy waters.

On February 29, Fillary hopped into the water again and this time she beat the odds managing to free dive a total of 70 meters under the ice with just one breath.

Take a look at her setting the record below:


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This is the third world record under Fillary’s belt with her first two being the South African woman’s freediving pool records for static breath-hold at 6 minutes as well as distance breath hold with no fins at 134 meters.

Even though the journey to achieve her dream was filled with highs, lows and disappointments, Fillary rose above it all and just kept swimming so that those who struggle too know that it is possible to achieve your dreams even if your mental state is fighting against you.

“Don’t let depression and addiction get in the way of your dreams,” says Amber Fillary.

Pictures: Instagram/ Amber Fillary

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