Capetonians love to cause a stir, even more so if it’s for a good cause. Chris Vermeulen, a personal trainer based in the Mother City, decided to climb Lion’s Head multiple times within 12 hours on Saturday, November 28.

His aim was to raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer and specifically the Love Your Nuts Foundation.

Vermeulen summited the peak nine times between 6am and 6pm, all while sporting a budgy smuggler. Seeing someone wearing a Speedo, other than on the beach, is bound to turn a few heads – which was the point of his efforts.

“A man will notice the first signs of testicular cancer himself. But by the time men go and see a doctor, unfortunately the first metastases have already formed in one third of the cases. Every man should carefully feel both testicles for thickening and hardening once a month. The best time for this check is when the scrotum is limp and soft – that is, when outside temperatures are warm, e.g. under the shower or in the bath,” says the foundation.

Typical signs of cancer in its initial stage:

  • a painless (or painful) swelling or lump in/on the testicle
  • a feeling of heaviness in the testicle
  • a light twinge in the groin

Early detection can save a life.

Typical signs of cancer in an advanced stage:

  • enlargement of the affected testicle
  • enlarged abdominal lymph nodes
  • enlarged or painful mammary glands

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