When rainy weather hits Cape Town, locals often find themselves hiding indoors and avoiding having to drive at all (as driving in the rain is definitely not our forte), but one local decided not to let the gloomy whether ruin his vibe and took to the streets for some paddle boarding.

Cape Town-born Mitch Wagstaff is a water sports enthusiast and loves to spend his time out in the water soaking up some sun and catching a few waves, but it turns out he doesn’t need waves (or sun) to have a good time.

Wagstaff ready for some SUPping.

Stand up paddle boarding or supping is somewhat of a mix between surfing and canoeing. You stand on a board that resembles a surfboard and paddle your way around.

This is exactly what Wagstaff did through the streets of Cape Town.

Wagstaff having a SUP with his dog.

At one point he was even joined by his dog and the two paddled their way up and down the flooded streets of Table View.

Flooding during heavy downpours is a common occurrence in Cape Town and although it can cause havoc in some areas it also does our dam levels a lot of good.

One unforeseen effect, however, is the sheer happiness it can bring when you embrace it to the fullest like Wagstaff did.

Wagstaff paddling away in the flooded streets.

Following pictures of Wagstaff taking to the streets that have been shared on Facebook, many locals responded on social media to have a good laugh and appreciated his inventive and cheerful outlook on what others would see as a gloomy and somewhat miserable day.

Another local was also spotted by Desre Canovi Louw, canoeing his way through the streets in Kensington, 12th Avenue.

Pictures: Facebook/Waggy Wagstaff

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