Local Somerset West golfer, Chloe Garner, has become the latest World Long Drive Champion in the Women’s Division, making her the first South African woman to hold this award.

The World Long Drive Competition (WLDC) has been running since 1976, and has three main divisions: Open, Masters, and Women’s Division. Golfers compete to see who can hit their ball the furthest by driving.

Garner beat out New Zealand’s three-time champion Phillis Meti, becoming the winner in the women’s division with a 347 yard (317,3 metres) drive, making it an exciting win for the South African native.

“That was unbelievable,” said Garner to World Long Drive. “I felt really good going into it. I felt like I had found a good rhythm. I think maybe Phillis felt a bit more pressure having to back up those titles, whereas I was able to let loose.”

Garner currently holds third place in the women’s World Long Drive Rankings.

The rankings are calculated with points from competitions such as tours, qualifying events and other recognised long drive competitions. Points from most competitions last for a total of two years, although WLDC points count for five years. The points then reduce in equal increments.

Picture: World Long Drive

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