One of Cape Town’s most sociable caracals has been spotted yet again, this time enjoying a spot of afternoon grooming as a hiker happened to walk by.

Affectionately named Hermes by the Urban Caracal Project team, this cute and curious little mountain cat is often see making his way around the mountainside.

In recent days he has been spotted a number of times.

“There’s been actually quite a number of sightings. Yesterday there were three and this one was a couple days ago July 7 at 3.25pm at Kloof Korner. He’s most often seen in Front Table and along the Pipe Track,” says Dr Laurel Serieys, Project Coordinator at the Urban Caracal Project.

The amazing video was captured by Nicholas van Doesburgh and shows Hermes happily grooming away despite having an audience:

The Urban Caracal Project works hard to ensure the safety of caracals in the Cape Town area while studying them to understand them better.

You can report sighting to [email protected] and visit their website for more information.

Picture: Facebook

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