As the lockdown continues and we all stay indoors, the animals seem to be having a ball out in nature. From leaopards to whales, these beautiful creatures have all come out to enjoy themselves, without human activity. Recently, an adorable caracal was spotted on Coastal Road near Llandudno.

Caracals are notoriously elusive creatures as they are naturally solitary and territorial, making a sighting of this medium-sized cat a special moment. Spotting them during the day is even more unique, as caracals are primarily noctural.

Luckily for us, local photographer Nicky Newman was on hand to capture the sight.

“While driving back from a shoot in Hout Bay today I came around the corner and in the middle of the road was this caracal,” said Nicky. “I thought it was a dog so pulled over to help it and then I saw what it was…. it was terrified and frozen in the road. It looked right at me.”

“I clapped my hands and it dashed back up the mountain out of harms way of the cars … a true lesson in camoflauge …. ”

“I was already shooting so I had the camera right next to me on the seat so I could just pick it up and shoot as it leapt back up the mountain.”

Take a look at some of her amazing images below:

Nicky urges residents to be conscious of the animals in the area while driving.
“As we start moving around, it’s tempting to really open up as the roads are clear, but the squirrels, cats, birds and caracals .. ! are moving around more freely on them, so please take care.”

Picture: Nicky Newman Photography

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