There has been a number of animal sightings since the national lockdown was instated. As we can only peer out of our windows, each opportunity to see a wild animal is exciting. Yesterday [May 12], a caracal was spotted strolling through the streets of Murdoch Valley North, Simon’s Town.

The stunning pictures were captured by a local resident named Yolandé Oelsen.

“As die kat weg is, is die muis baas” (if the cat is gone, the mouse rules) No wait… what!? That’s not right.
If the humans are in lockdown, the cat is boss. I finally also saw this beautiful resident this morning. He came walking calmly down the road, into the undergrowth and appeared on the rocks across from us, chasing dassies, who loudly protested,” she wrote on Facebook. “And around 5pm, his normal show time , we checked again and there he sits right across our house soaking up the winter sun. Then proceeded to walk down the road again, crossed the road and went up the valley,” said Oelsen in a Facebook post.

Picture/s: Yolandé Oelsen

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