Sightings of the elusive caracal have become more common around the Cape Town area amid the nationwide lockdown. Another adorable caracal was spotted on Table Mountain over the weekend.

French couple Tibo and Julia were hiking along Table Mountain when they saw one of the secretive red cats running along above them. The sighting reportedly took place between the Indian Venster trail and the east side of Table Mountain on Sunday, June 21.

Take a look at the beautiful cat adventuring on the mountain:

The public is encouraged to report all sightings the Urban Caracal Project, an organisation that protects caracals in the Cape.

“We aim to understand the threats to their survival in this urban environment. By studying animals that die in the area, we are able to learn about their ability to survive and persist in urban areas, and threats (such as pesticide exposure) to their ability to survive longterm,” the Project said.

“Samples acquired from roadkill also play a key role in our understanding of the genetic health of caracals in the Cape Peninsula. The more eyes we have on the ground, the much more we will learn.”

Roadkill  caracal must be reported to the Project’s Dr Laurel Serieys on 079-837-8814 (SMS easiest) or email [email protected]

Picture: Screengrab from Video/Supplied

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Lucinda Dordley

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