In the next installment of how to create your own verge (pavement) garden, Ghalema Easton from Creating Eden shares tips on how to regenerate your garden.

“Many people grow food without realising that leaving one plant in the ground to go to seed will give them enough seeds so they never have to buy again,” explained Easton.

Start with rainbow chard, spinach and beetroot.

“When they go to seed a long stalk will start growing from the centre of the plant. Let it grow. It gets quite high, so you might have to tie it to a stake. You will be able to see the nodules (seeds) when they are still green,” she said.

Tips to help you:

1. You have to leave it in the ground, water as normal until all those seeds mature and turn brown.

2. Pull out the plant/or cut at the base.

3. Relax inside with a cuppa while taking one branch at a time, run your fingers down it to remove the seeds.

4. Fill up your tub, leave it in a cool breezy place for about a week to ensure all the seeds are completely dry. Close up your tub and store for future planting or share with family and friends.

It is important to remember, the new currency is seeds. Harvesting and saving seeds have never been this important. Happy seed saving.

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