Helderberg Wildlife Rescue received an interesting call-out on Sunday morning [December 20]. A Rock Hyrax, also called the Cape Hyrax and more commonly known as the ‘dassie’ found its way into a house.

The panicked homeowners turned to the animal rescue service for help after they allegedly could not get hold of Cape Nature.

The Rock Hyrax sought refuge under a bed in the homeowners’ spare bedroom.

Now to try and catch this little critter is tricky as they move pretty fast and can inflict a nasty bite with those vampire-like tusks,” said Helderberg Wildlife Rescue in a Facebook post.

One of the homeowners helped lift the bed where the animal was hiding after which it was safely captured and secured in a transport box.

“The little one has been released almost immediately and can now forage and roam free again without scaring the life out of the poor cat and causing panic with homeowners,” said the organisation.

Curious Rock Hyrax finds its way into Cape Town home

Curious Rock Hyrax finds its way into Cape Town home

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