The recent stormy weather and rain have boosted Cape Town’s dam levels by 4.5% in the past week. As of Monday, July 20 the dam levels of the City of Cape Town’s feeder dams has climbed to 77.2%.

The Mother City’s fullest dams are Steenbras Upper (100.1%), Berg River (98%) and Steenbras Lower (78.4%).

Dam levels boost by over 10%
Cape Town dam levels as of Monday, July 20 (Source: City of Cape Town)

Cape Town’s minor dams have an average capacity of 83% currently, and this was also bolstered by last week’s intense cold front and rains. Damages were caused all along the city during the storm, and the City of Cape Town had to dispatch its Disaster Risk Management team to remove trees from roads and assist with homes that were also flooded.

There are sunny days expected over the next week for the Mother City, and no sign of rain.

Dam levels boost by over 10%
Dam levels (Source: City of Cape Town)

Check out the latest dam report here: damlevels (1)

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