While visiting the Cederberg area, a family got more than they bargained for when a curious little critter decided to hitch a ride home with them all the way from Kagga Kamma to Worcester, going undiscovered for four days.

While on vacation at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve on November 20, Peter du Toit and his family picked up an unexpected stowaway as a little Rock Hyrax – or dassie – as they are affectionately known in Cape Town, decided to hop into the undercarriage of their car and set off for the two and a half hour journey home with them.

Kagga Kamma is a dassie’s paradise and is located in the Kouebokkeveld in the Western Cape. As you’d expect, there are a number of hyrax that call the area home and indulge in curious inspections of visitors, but one dassie in particular was especially curious when the Du Toit family pulled up at the reserve.

Nicknamed “Rocky,” the hairy little Houdini waited for the perfect moment when the family was packing up to set out for their journey back home to hop aboard and go on an adventure.

After their 160 km journey with a number of stops along the way, the family arrived at their home in Worcester and were still unaware of the little guest they had taken along with them.

It was only four days later when Pieter noticed strange sounds coming from the vehicle that the mischievous little hyrax was discovered. Dassies are known to make bird-like chattering sounds and this is what alerted Pieter to Rocky’s presence.

He immediately put Rocky into a ventilated box and call the reserve to inform them of the escapee. While the team at Kagga Kamma made arrangements to fetch the stowaway, the Du Toit family cared for him with guidance from the reserve staff.

After a week, Kagga Kamma Ranger, Jason Scholtz, brought little Rocky back to his rightful home, where the team waited to greet him. He greeted the team with a mischievous look on his face before darting off to join the other dassies in the peaceful reserve.

Watch naughty little Rocky’s story here:

Picture: YouTube/Kagga Kamma

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