A massive pod of dolphins were filmed in Hout Bay orchestrating an attack on what onlookers believe was a pilchard bait ball on Sunday, December 6.

The teal blue ocean and lear skies allowed for optimal visibility of the encounter.

“This is what it looks like when Dolphins line up to execute a coordinated attack… one minute we had dozens swimming with us, the next minute someone must have squeaked loudly and they formed a 300 metre line to attack what we assume must have been a massive ball of pilchards,” said Paul Tomes, a resident of Hout Bay who shared the video on Facebook.

Take a look at the epic hunt below.

Dolphins are extremely social animals that live in pods. The size and structure of the pods depend on the species and range of the dolphins. If there is ample food available, different pods can form a temporary superpod where the total group can consist of over 1 000 individuals.

Picture: Cape Town Etc gallery

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