Dolphins or porpoises (because we are not experts) did not get the memo about social distancing, or the news about the 21-day national lockdown. A huge pod, with scores of dolphins, spent the morning entertaining Hout Bay residents lucky enough to have a view of the beach.

This is the second pod that swam really close to the shoreline on Thursday morning. The dolphins frolicked in the water, circling each other and racing for the front spot. Hout Bay residents snapped pictures and videos from their homes, and enjoyed every little bit of entertainment Mother Nature had to offer. Some residents commented that this is the largest pod they had seen in many years.

No doubt, while the humans are inside, Mother Nature is taking full advantage of the freedom and putting on her biggest show.

A pod of dolphins frolick in the surf.
They swam really close to the shoreline.
This was Hout Bay Beach yesterday.

Video: Aubrey Mnisi


Pictures: Nidha Narrandes

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