Those who grew up in the 90s will fondly remember iconic kickboxing champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson. The martial artist and actor starred in hits like Bloodfist, Ring of Fire and Black Belt, and was an 11 time Professional Kickboxing World Champion. 

Now, the iconic star hosts The Dragon Festival and Martial Arts Extravaganza, giving up-and-coming fighters the chance to show off their skills.

The festival will take place in August/September 2021, and is made possible through reality show Fight to Fame.

Athletes from the SADC, BRICS and the Middle East will participate in the event, which will have competitors battle it out in more than 50 martial arts disciplines.

This festival was created to encourage more youth to participate in martial arts, which can have various benefits on their lives.

“At a community level it seeks to enhance the role by making a positive impact on the lives of children by instilling values, discipline and the philosophies espoused by martial arts as well as igniting the moral fibre of communities through the promotion of martial arts,” says Fight to Fame chairman, Marius Fransman.

“The Martial Arts Extravaganza encourages kids to embrace the discipline of the code thereby reducing youth violence, drawing them away from a life of crime by providing a healthy alternative to the prevailing paradigm of gangsterism, drugs and crime all whilst encouraging them to remain in school as disciplined learners.

“It places within reach of each child/youth the opportunity to participate as an athlete that can aspire to become a star, an actor, producer, or director in Hollywood or other acclaimed platforms.”

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