There’s a brand new market creating steam in the Overberg called the Elgin Railway Market. Opened since June 16, the market is the brainchild of businessman Roger Orpen, who converted the old apple warehouse into a bustling steampunk station market showcasing food, live music and open air fun.

Orpen’s idea of creating a unique space where art deco meets Victorian, came to life in the form of the market, which is unlike any other in the country.

The market is an unconventional mix of sweeping staircases, detailed metal archways, light fittings and wall sconces, raw brick and stone, black metal framed panes and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style fan system of belts and pulleys.

The next step in Orpen’s plan was to bring a steam train to the Market, which he now does a few times a month in partnership with the Ceres Rail Company. The whistle and steam of the arriving train is a must-see for children (and adults) and a bucket list experience for the passengers who sign up for the ride. Visitors to the market can greet the train on the station platform or view its arrival from the Market’s leisure deck overlooking the railway.

Traveling to this magical market is a novelty in itself , the steam train is named Jessica, after the daughter of its builder.

As the train chugs through the cool mountain air, along the scenic route to Elgin, you can’t help feel like you’re being escorted back into time.

The steam train Jessica as it passes through the mountains of Elgin (Source: Supplied)

When you arrive at the market, it feels like a grand welcoming after a long journey. The atmosphere is electric the quaint town is picture perfect.

The Elgin Railway Market was established in 2018 (Source: Supplied)

The market is much bigger than you would anticipate, and everything is catered for, you can shop for wine, food, jewelry, leather accessories, vintage clothes and my new favourite, churros.

Visitors are spoilt for choice, with everything from fragrant curries (The Curry Pot), to schwarmas (Ardi’s), pizza (Elginos Express) and ribs and burgers from The Station Grill. Sample Mexican dishes from El Sombrero and pies, tarts and quiches from Pudding and Pie or Terra Madre’s cheeses, breads, dips, pates and dolmades from Corne’s Deli Delights. Health conscious treats include fresh juices (Splashh smoothies) and low carb breads with various fillings from Le Food. Ella’s Elgin Farm Foods offers local items such jaffels, vetkoek, pancakes and a soup of the day. Visitors can also stop in for a snack from biltong stall Sud-Wes.

The Elgin Railway Market is open Fridays 4pm – 8pm, Saturdays 9am – 8pm, Sundays 9am – 5pm and the work space is open during the week 9am – 5pm.

This market is something special, and everyone should make a stop here at least once in their lives. It is a place of good food, good company and an even better experience.

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