Set among the tall skyscrapers of the Foreshore lies a yet-to-be-discovered hub of culinary delight – the AC Hotel by Marriott Cape Town. This hotel has been in operation for less than a year, and although it is hidden, offers delicious food fare unlike any other. The hotel has launched a new European-inspired menu, bringing with it a touch of Spanish flair to local palates.

Tapas-style dining is quickly gaining popularity in Cape Town, and offers diners the chance to try a variety of delicious dishes.The new menu has been carefully crafted by the hotel’s head chef, Jessica Sutcliffe, and features dishes such as Bobotie buns, corn ribs, spinach soft tacos, pumpkin churros and more.

The AC Hotel offers a deliciously creamy humus and toasted flat bread as just one of its varied food fares. Simply seasoned with crushed rock salt and sprinkled with cubed feta, almonds and confit cherry tomatoes, this dish instantly warms you up and prepares you for an evening of flavoursome food.

Dining at this modern hotel is a seamless experience; the food is delicious, the service is impeccable and the atmosphere is clean and modern – a perfect fit for a city as fickle as Cape Town. As this is the Mother City, many of the tapas dishes are vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

One of these dishes is the vegetarian corn “ribs”. Simply put, these are mieles that have been cut into quaters and grilled to perfection before being coated in chimichuri. With just a little bit of a bite from its perfectly balanced seasoning, the vegetarian-friendly answer to traditional ribs will have you sneakily grabbing an extra one before moving onto the next wholesome dish.

Soft spinach tacos are one of the standout vegan dishes on the menu, and you had better prepare yourself for a wonderful flavour sensation. In essence, these fragile tacos are filled with what would be a traditional chili con carne – minus the mince.

If you are in the mood to treat yourself to a decadent dessert, the AC Hotel offers a modern and slightly more health-concious take on the traditional churros will make you want more. Perfectly crunchy and fluffy on the inside, these pumpkin churros are a delicate flavour sensation, especially when paired with masala ice cream, which is made in-house.

“Every menu has a few crowd-pleasers and we believe ours will be dishes such as; the “mielie” ribs, bobotie buns and coconut crêpes. These perfectly showcase our European roots injected with that special Cape Town flair,” Chef Sutcliffe says.

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