A friendly and tame otter gave divers in Cape Town a pleasant surprise when it hopped aboard their boat for an extensive inspection and an impromptu photoshoot.

While floating along for the usual underwater adventure in Miller’s Point, the team at Dive Inn Cape Town, a diving tour company based in the Mother City, bumped into an unexpected guest who let himself onto their boat and gave it a good look before scurrying off again.

According to the Dive Inn team, the little furry Cape Clawless otter was unbelievably tame and gladly posed for photographs during his unexpected visit.

The tiny visitor scurried around the boat, curiously inspecting every inch and happily interacted with the team.

“Was great to see but a bit sorry that he is so tame and used to people. Hope all will accept his antics in a well behaved way,” said Dive Inn Cape Town on their Facebook page.

The otter could have been searching for food or simply curious about the boat itself, either way the team was delighted to have it aboard.

Cape Clawless Otters are the second largest freshwater otter species in Africa, their name is derived from their lack of claws.

These friendly little creatures are often in danger of being killed for their fur.

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Pictures: Dive Inn Cape Town

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